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Chunky Chocolate Pie

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Who wouldn’t love a chunky chocolate pie that tastes like everyone’s favorite cookie? This easy to bake pie is family-friendly and welcomes kids into the kitchen to help celebrate any occasion. A classic gem from the Little Jewel recipe collection.
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February 1, 2014
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Truffles L’Orange


Cooler weather leads us to turn indoors, to the comfort of warm food and gathering with family and friends. Truffles L’Orange are simple little jewels, and really, who would not love receiving an elegant box of yummy chocolates packed with love? For extra good cheer include a bottle of bubbly. Cheers to start of the holiday season from Bijouxs!
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December 1, 2013
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Chocolate Raspberry Tea Cake

And the winner is…Chocolate Raspberry Tea Cake – best supporting performance in the dessert and teatime category – a little jewel of a cake from the Bijouxs recipe collection.
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February 24, 2013
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Coffee Cream Cake

How about a little cream with your coffee? A simple, what I call ” anyday” cake is drenched with coffee flavor and topped with fluffy buttercream and dark chocolate shavings – a simple little jewel snack cake.
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January 13, 2013
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Pots de Chocolat

Company’s coming! Dessert check list: Easy✓ Make Ahead✓ Chocolate✓✓✓✓✓  Pots de Chocolat are classic, simple little jewels you make the night before, who can resist a little pot of chocolate?
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October 29, 2012