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Beef Fricassee


We all enjoy a little something to warm our spirits about now, during the last chilly weeks of winter, yes, a warming bowl of stew will do. Beef Fricassee, a family classic  recipe from the Bijouxs cookbook.

Beef Fricasse is a childhood family favorite, better known to us kids as “meatball stew”.  A French-inspired hybrid, this mild, yet flavorful stew, is loaded with tender meatballs and plenty of vegetables, including Italian Romano beans–you just can taste the family cultures melting in the bowl. This family gem is contained in my first digital cookbook, Family & Friends.

Why the cookbooks? Bijouxs is a independent food website/blog. This means the content is written by Bijouxs and features things that I love and I have curated for you. No one pays (or can pay) Bijouxs to be included in our editorial content. Save for a small sliver of ad space, I do not receive compensation by writing sponsored posts or for featuring brand products, which is common among food blogs to support their efforts. Bijouxs is also is a bit unique, delivering exclusive content created for the website and the cookbooks (the cookbooks are of course ad free).

Your cookbook purchase not only provides you with a beautiful little gem of a cookbook, but importantly supports Bijouxs Little Kitchen Jewels as an independent, reader-supported food website, allowing for the continued sharing of both web and cookbook recipes going forward.

My goal is that Bijouxs recipes and cookbooks bring you practical and beautiful, everyday cooking inspiration. Thank you for your support!

As always, enjoy. B

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