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Bijouxs Bits: Belle’s Nest

Bijouxs is pleased to introduce you to Belle’s Nest, our lovely new addition to the Bijouxs Little Jewel vendors. Please come in and meet Belle’s Nest.

Belle’s Nest is a charming, personable store nestled in the art community of Sierra Madre featuring local artisans handmade wares for the home and family. Embodying the essence of Bijouxs, the little jewels, beautiful essentials that are simple, classic, and functional with enduring qualities; Belle’s Nest offers a variety of Bijouxs.

Bijouxs discovered the artisan Lavender Oaks Farm Honey just as it was being placed on the shelves. The honey is harvested from acres of lavender and wildflowers in the central coast of California.  The honey is produced in small batches, sweet little jewels. A Bijouxs recipe featuring the honey is in the works.

What makes Belle’s Nest unique is your ability to connect directly to the artists and create some custom little jewels for your kitchen and home. From the beautiful pottery of Cynthia Gonzalez, to custom aprons, pillows and tablecloths by Elena, and the charm of hand painted salt & pepper grinders by artist Noira Love, the store abounds with artists who will create custom pieces for you home. There are of course, real jewels including handmade jewelry, and charming toys for your littlest jewels.

Bijouxs is happy to welcome Belle’s Nest as a Bijouxs little jewel vendor. It is important that each Bijouxs vendor is truly a little jewel and with Belle’s Nest is easy to see that the store is dedicated to honoring both the artists and their clientele.

Lavender Oaks Farm Honey is available through Belle’s Nest. A sweet little jewel.




As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Bijouxs Bits: Belle’s Nest

  1. A warm thanks to you Lynn for including us in your beautiful blog. Every post is such a treat to read. Anxiously waiting for your new cookbook!
    All the best to you,
    Belle’s Nest~

    1. Belle’s Nest is an authentic little jewel. Thank you!

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