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Bijouxs Basics: Salad Days with Green & Black Peppercorn Dressing

Spring has arrived in LA, bright sun peeking through the foggy mornings, signaling Salad Days. Sometimes, just one small change can yield big results. Begin making your salad dressings from scratch and yield some delicious, healthy results – Salad Days recipes at Bijouxs. Continue reading Bijouxs Basics: Salad Days with Green & Black Peppercorn Dressing

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House Vinaigrette

A summer evening outdoor concert spurs a Bijouxs Bits and another Bijouxs Basics in this month-long series of classic recipes. Working as a personal chef I had the opportunity to prepare meals for the most amazing families, many of which I still count as friends. An impromptu evening with such a former family, along with plenty of catching up, reveals a most requested Bijouxs, the house vinaigrette, and after all, Bijouxs is all about sharing the little jewels. Continue reading House Vinaigrette

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Greek Lemon Soup

January, soup month at Bijouxs concludes with a bowl of soup that is a super bowl for next Sunday, especially if you are looking for a healthy alternative for a food obsessed day of sports. Greek Lemon Soup cooks up super-quick (microwave option), creamy and satisfying, yet leaves room for cocktails and nibbles of course – a little jewel of a soup. Continue reading Greek Lemon Soup