Crispy Cheese Sandwiches

Lightly adapted from “An Italian Summer” by Canal House Cooking

Makes 6 sandwiches

6 slices extra-thin sliced Pepperidge Farm white sandwich bread*
6 slices goat cheddar cheese, sliced very thin
6 slices of prosciutto, sliced thin
3/4 cup flour
1 cup panko bread crumbs
2 eggs
Olive oil for frying
Flaked sea salt for finishing

Prepare the breading station: flour in a wide bowl or plate, panko bread crumbs in a wide bowl, and whisk the eggs and place them in a wide bowl as well.

Using a sharp knife, remove the crusts from the bread. Lay the slices of bread on the work surface. Place 1 slice of cheese, and 1 slice of prosciutto on top of half the slices, then top each sandwich with another slice of bread. Press sandwiches down firmly.

Dip each sandwich first in the flour, then in the eggs, covering both sides, then dredge in the panko crumbs, to completely cover the sandwiches.

Heat enough olive oil in a heavy skillet, such as cast iron to about 350 degrees to a depth of one slice of bread. I like to fry the sandwiches in a semi-shallow depth of oil, just the depth of the bread, this way the sandwiches do not absorb too much oil.

Fry the sandwiches, one at time in the hot oil until golden brown, about 2-3 minutes per side. Turn the sandwiches carefully, turning away from you so you do not splash any hot oil on yourself. Also watch the temperature of the oil, keep hot enough to fry the sandwiches quickly, but not too hot as to burn them. Remove sandwiches from pan with slotted spatula and drain on paper towels. Sprinkle with a flaked sea salt such as Maldon. Best served hot, but I have had success reheating in a moderate oven for a few minutes.

COOK’S NOTES: *The best bread for these sandwiches is Pepperidge Farm Extra Thin White loaf. It disappeared from the shelves of SoCal markets, but it is available on Amazon. You may prepare these ahead, breading, and then refrigerate for the day.