Family and Friends

Family and Friends

Bijouxs Family & Friends is a collection of 30 recipes, spanning 75 pages. The recipes include those featured on, plus 10 new recipes exclusive to Bijouxs Family & Friends. It’s a petite little gem of a cookbook. The PDF format makes it readable on almost any device from desktop to laptop to smartphone. Luscious photography accompanies each recipe and the simple elegant design is one you will recognize from the website.

These are my personal favorite recipes, and the favorites of family and friends, who request these dishes over and over again. They include everything from appetizers to main courses to side dishes and desserts, plus some holiday favorites.

The recipes are simple. Some take but a few minutes, such mixing a refreshing Provencal Cocktail or a quick 10-minute Homemade Applesauce. Other recipes require a bit more time, such as beloved Rostule holiday cookies or Triple Whiskey Glazed Corned Beef. But no special skills or equipment are needed. Anything you haven’t done before is easily learned.

Bijouxs is about the elegance and pleasure of simplicity. Please enjoy!



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As always, enjoy. B

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