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  • Overnight Muesli |Bijouxs Little Jewesl

    Overnight Muesli

    A beautiful breakfast awaits you in the morning. This simple to prep overnight version … Continue»

  • Bijouxs Little Jewels | Fig & Plum Flaugnarde

    Fig & Plum Flaugnarde

    Taste the lush nature of summer fruit in the newest little jewel from the … Continue»

  • Bijoux Little Kitchen Jewels | Marinated Cantaloupe Salad

    Marinated Cantaloupe Salad with Honey, Black Pepper & Basil

    SIMPLE. There is that word again and coupled with everyday beauty in the kitchen, … Continue»

  • Apricot Flaugnarde | Bijouxs Little Jewels

    Apricot Flaugnarde

    Summer simple. Apricot Flaugnarde, a beautiful, almost effortless dessert or snack – ready to … Continue»

  • Blackberries in Liqueur | Bijouxs Little Jewels

    Blackberries in Liqueur

    Mid-July – the quintessential Dog Days of Summer. Time to simply savor the little … Continue»

  • Grapefruit Brulée

    La matina, in Italian ‘the morning’, one time of day we can carve out … Continue»