From the Garden


Bijouxs Little Jewel Collection is a series of digital cookbooks, sharing our favorite little recipe jewels. Bijouxs is about the elegance and pleasure of simplicity. It’s here! Bijouxs Little Jewel Recipe Collection No. 2, From the Garden. Favorite recipes made from our garden jewels, all flourishing in the warm California sun. This volume places a focus on garden-to-table cuisine and of course, a little everyday beauty. It’s pure Bijouxs.


From the Garden is a collection of 24 recipes, spanning 60 pages. The recipes include   15 new recipes exclusive to From the Garden. It’s a petite little gem of a digital cookbook. The PDF format makes it readable on almost any device from desktop to laptop to smartphone.  My luscious photography accompanies each recipe and the simple elegant design is one you will recognize from the website.

These are my personal favorite garden fresh recipes. The beautiful images are fresh  from my garden, a great source of cooking inspiration to me.

The recipes are simple, as always. Some take but a few minutes, such preparing a quick Overnight Muesli for the morning, or a quick 10-minute Pasta Arrabiata. Other recipes require a bit more time, such as the heritage Eggplant Quiche or beautiful Valencia Scallops. But no special skills or equipment are needed. Anything you haven’t done before is easily learned.

Bijouxs celebrates the everyday beauty all around us, right in kitchens.
Please enjoy!


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