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Bijouxs Bits: Hardly Boiled Eggs

For every dozen eggs there are at least two-dozen ways to hard boil an egg – Bijouxs has tried them all. Settling in now with what I call Hardly Boiled Eggs, a cooking method that produces tasty, beautiful little jewels – a little bit of Bijouxs Basics.

One good egg, that’s what this Hardly Boiled cooking method produces – a firm white, with a creamy-soft yolk; a Bijouxs Basics. No nasty green rings, chalky dry yolks, or raw spots. Beautiful in salads, great for deviled eggs, or for breakfast, as here with just a little salt and pepper.

Out of the two-dozen hard boiled egg methods I have tried, the one that I began with years ago from Julia Child, “the 17-minute sit” (that begins the eggs in cold water, bring to a simmer, remove from the heat, and allow the eggs to sit for 17 minutes covered), is the one I have tinkered with over time. I have been reducing the time over the years, down to 11 minutes, the eggs were pretty good, but not egg-zactly what I wanted.

Sometimes my impatience pays off. One day I boiled the water but I forgot to put in the eggs, so I lowered the almost room temperature eggs in the simmering water for about 10 minutes, plunged them in cold water, rolled them to crack the shells as always, chilled and later discovered one good egg.

Recently, on a weekend visit with friends I was reading (cookbooks, of course) and somehow had missed the soft-center hard-cooked eggs from David Tanis in A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes – yes, that’s the recipe and a very beautiful book. If you have concerns about eating softer cooked eggs, a possibility may be to use a product like SafeEggs, which are pasteurized.

There are many ways to discover little jewels from the kitchen, sometimes you discover them on your own, sometimes you glean them from others and sometimes a little bit of both.

Hardly Boiled Eggs – Bijouxs, sharing with you the little jewels from the kitchen.


As always, enjoy. B

8 thoughts on “Bijouxs Bits: Hardly Boiled Eggs

  1. Thanks for the Bijouxs Test Kitchen report. Glad to see your impatience paying off. Mine never does!

    1. Always pushing and pulling recipes this way and that – sometimes you get a Bijouxs, just sometimes.

  2. I can cook many things, but a proper hard boiled egg has eluded me for years. I just made them and they did come out creamy and flawless! THANK YOU Bijouxs.

    1. Perfecting the hard boiled egg! I was satisfied with my alterations to Julia’s recipe until I “stumbled” upon this technique. So happy you are pleased with the results. Thanks for being a part of Bijouxs!

  3. I like em like that too! GREG

    1. Yet, another thing in common! They are my Bijouxs Basics easy go-to for breakfast.

  4. just how i like them…i thought i was the only one. nice to know i am in the best of company!

    1. Seems there is a world of “Hardly Boiled Eggs” lovers. Such a simple little jewel, just had to share. Enjoy!

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