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Bijouxs Bits: Five Little Jewels from the PMA Fresh Summit

Bijouxs’ mission is to celebrate the little kitchen jewels, the everyday beauty all around us right here in our kitchens. This past weekend I was surrounded by miles of beautiful produce along with the opportunity to meet many of the people who provide the fruits and vegetables that we enjoy every day at our kitchen table. In true Bijouxs style, I curated a simple collection, Five Little Jewels to share from the PMA Fresh Summit. Continue reading Bijouxs Bits: Five Little Jewels from the PMA Fresh Summit

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House Vinaigrette

A summer evening outdoor concert spurs a Bijouxs Bits and another Bijouxs Basics in this month-long series of classic recipes. Working as a personal chef I had the opportunity to prepare meals for the most amazing families, many of which I still count as friends. An impromptu evening with such a former family, along with plenty of catching up, reveals a most requested Bijouxs, the house vinaigrette, and after all, Bijouxs is all about sharing the little jewels. Continue reading House Vinaigrette

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Bijouxs Bits: Roasted Chiles

It’s that time again, time for Hatch chiles. Bijouxs loves Hatch chiles and when we heard that Frieda’s Produce was roasting Hatch chiles at local Ralph’s markets, we were lucky to be provided a box of the lovely little jewels; roasting and recipes ensued. Here is the first part, just the Bijouxs Bits, let’s roast some chiles. Continue reading Bijouxs Bits: Roasted Chiles