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Triple Herb Roasted Chicken

Triple Herb Roasted Chicken

Time is precious, and I am making the most of mine during our ‘required down-time.’ I stumbled across this photograph of Triple Herb Roasted Chicken, a house favorite. The comfort of simple cooking at home is a little jewel.


Going through my drive of thousands of photographs, many for taken for the blog, this photo brought to mind a time, place and favorite recipe I was planning to share on the blog. The time of this photograph was “when the world was steady”, the place was at my beloved 1924 “ranch” in the foothills above LA. Photographed in my studio, on my favorite farm table, this recipe evokes how food and memories are intertwined.

As I gaze at this photo, I can actually taste this chicken. I remember how this simple adaptation of Wolfgang Puck’s favorite chicken recipe was perfect, after all, you can never have enough chicken recipes. I begin with a small chicken, remove the backbone to create two halves which will lay flat in the roasting pan. Three of my favorite herbs, rosemary, tarragon and thyme along with garlic make up an overnight marinade. The flavor is worth the wait.


The next day, remove the chicken from the marinade, rub with some additional olive oil and roast in the oven, that’s it. Well, there is one more thing. A savory, buttery herb sauce that you douse the chicken with after you remove from the oven. This is truly a simple, yet very tasty way with a chicken.


The beauty of our everyday is now more precious than ever. I savor my time cooking and bringing you the little jewel recipes. The photographs I share with you are the real food, as it is prepared, very light on styling. I want you to to see what the food will look like prepared. Celebrate the everyday beauty all around us, right here in our kitchens. Be well.

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Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

Unpacking from my umpteen moves, I came across some of my previous home menus. I remembered that I ate super-healthy most all of my life, even spending about 4 years as a vegetarian. In addtion I cooked as a personal chef, providing many special diet forward recipes. Here now are Feeling Good Noodles, a nice light break from the ensuring holiday fare and a classic little jewel.


After 4 moves in 3 years boy I am tired but finally getting into organizing phase, finding things, especially my recipes. Tucked away in the Bijouxs file was the Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles recipe, one I have made a thousand times and loved from a favorite vegetarian cookbook, but somehow forgot.

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles are basic, quick and satisfying, perfect for our super-busy lives. This soup does the 2 step, a simple process. Step 1: Stir-fry the mushrooms and noodles. Step 2: Add the stock, kale, and green onions. Simmer for a few minutes and add the aminos. That’s it.

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

The ingredients are flexible, per your taste. For this soup I used a whole wheat fettuccini, sliced crimini mushrooms, and lacinato kale and vegetable stock. Best thing, all are available at Trader Joe’s or your favorite market.

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles


Amazingly, I have kept the blog and recipes coming through my odyssey of a life over the past 9 years. Wow. Staying true to my mission statement, here.

The “little black dress” is the spine of Bijouxs: Little Jewels from the Kitchen project. The intention is to create a food website that delivers recipes, pantry items, kitchen products and vendors with enduring qualities and exquisite craftsmanship.

The story and theme are a natural evolution of my working talents: food, design and fashion = the Bijouxs. I share what I have learned. Bijouxs is about a style evolved. The structure is a website design that is visual, with a clean classic style, and easy to access.

Please enjoy Feeling Good Noodles. I love hearing you. Cheers.

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California Fish Tacos

California Fish Tacos

Tacos, I must admit they are pretty much a staple in my diet. My favorite are these simple fish tacos, made with fresh fish right off the coast of my home. A easy prep and delish any night of the week, for more than just Tuesdays. Enjoy this recipe preview from forthcoming cookbook The Beach House. Continue reading California Fish Tacos