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Breakfast for Dinner

Growing up I loved the surprise of having breakfast for dinner. Now, I think of the breakfast for dinner option as a quick fix meal. This sandwich is really just a riff on a the flavors of a Croque Monsieur (eggs and cheese) and a Monte Cristo (turkey and the sweet from maple syrup), it is really neither of the two, but the sandwich tastes great. Substitute ham for the turkey, use your favorite cheese, and you can substitute any soft white bread for the croissant, although you lose the buttery edge. The EDOD team and I had fun filming this video as the “last shot of the day” and you can see I am a little sassy about the maple syrup at the end. It’s the kind of dinner you can put together with ingredients hanging around in the refrigerator, and have a little fun.

As always, enjoy. B

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