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New Mexico Hatch Chile

 New Mexico Hatch Chili | Bijouxs Little Jewels

My travels have yielded many little jewel recipes, this New Mexico Hatch Chile is one that I have shared with many variations-this one is truly a new little jewel.


Whether I am visiting for a week, a day, or a weekday I always try to come back with the recipes from wherever I travel. Travel may mean visiting an area in California, or in this case it is was the beautiful land of New Mexico, either way, there is always a new and wonderful dish that I savor and must have the recipe. First it was this Green Chile with Pork, now a New Mexico take has won my heart.


When Hatch chili season comes around in late summer, the chili roasters line the roads of New Mexico. At home here in Cali, I rely on Melissa’s Produce for their Hatch chili roasts at local markets. Now living in the central coast I picked up some freshly roasted Hatch chilis at local SB Bristol Farms. Use care when slicing and removing the seeds from the chilis. I always wear culinary disposable gloves and discard them before handling anything.


This chili recipe changes a bit each year, and this year is no different. The additions to my original recipe this year are spices, green chili enchilada sauce and a beer. Nothing too novel but they did add a deeper level of flavor to the chili. This recipe remains true to its roots by maintaining a soup-like consistency. The chili is dotted with charred bits from the roasted chilis, along with the spices and tomatoes.

I serve the chili simply with fresh corn tortillas and perhaps some sliced avocado. Travel yields many little jewels to share.



As always, enjoy. B

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