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Paint + Plate

What happens when two artists collaborate on a project combining the visual and culinary arts? PAINT+PLATE is a project from painter Melissa Mahoney and yours truly, Bijouxs. The project celebrates the New Year and also a chance to receive a special thank you gift from Bijouxs. 

PAINT+PLATE is a project that pairs my design and culinary arts backgrounds with the fine art from painter Melissa Mahoney— creating an art-reflects-food + food-reflects-art project that consists of Melissa’s paintings (sneak peek seen here), my photographs and of course, a recipe. Lovely limited edition printed cards have been created to celebrate the project.

2012 marks the first full year of Bijouxs: Little Jewels from the Kitchen. Since the initial website launch in November 2010, Bijouxs has been growing steadily with your support. The PAINT+PLATE cards will be offered as a special thank you to 50 Bijouxs newsletter subscribers.

For a chance to receive the PAINT+PLATE limited cards: First, you must be a confirmed Bijouxs newsletter subscriber (see “SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER” box at the right) and second, you must email your name and complete mailing address (US residents only) to with the email subject title “PAINT+PLATE.” (Be sure to email from the same email account that receives the Bijouxs newsletter). The first 50 confirmed newsletter subscribers who send in their complete mailing address will receive the cards.

I will keep you posted on the status of the card mailing. Bijouxs will only use your mailing address for the one time mailing of the PAINT+PLATE card.

The PAINT+PLATE project has been a wonderful collaborative creative experience and I look forward to sharing this food meets art project with you soon! But I could not post without a recipe, so in honor of January’s keeping it simple theme check out this easy Bijouxs Bite No. 2 – Poached Salmon recipe from the ‘What’s for Dinner Tonight?’ video collection.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Paint + Plate

  1. I love this collaboration! Beautiful idea! xo

    1. It was a really fun project – look for recipe and photos out this week.

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