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Paint + Plate

What happens when two artists collaborate on a project combining the visual and culinary arts? PAINT+PLATE is a project from painter Melissa Mahoney and yours truly, Bijouxs. The project celebrates the New Year and also a chance to receive a special thank you gift from Bijouxs. 

PAINT+PLATE is a project that pairs my design and culinary arts backgrounds with the fine art from painter Melissa Mahoney— creating an art-reflects-food + food-reflects-art project that consists of Melissa’s paintings (sneak peek seen here), my photographs and of course, a recipe. Lovely limited edition printed cards have been created to celebrate the project.

2012 marks the first full year of Bijouxs: Little Jewels from the Kitchen. Since the initial website launch in November 2010, Bijouxs has been growing steadily with your support. The PAINT+PLATE cards will be offered as a special thank you to 50 Bijouxs newsletter subscribers.

For a chance to receive the PAINT+PLATE limited cards: First, you must be a confirmed Bijouxs newsletter subscriber (see “SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER” box at the right) and second, you must email your name and complete mailing address (US residents only) to [email protected] with the email subject title “PAINT+PLATE.” (Be sure to email from the same email account that receives the Bijouxs newsletter). The first 50 confirmed newsletter subscribers who send in their complete mailing address will receive the cards.

I will keep you posted on the status of the card mailing. Bijouxs will only use your mailing address for the one time mailing of the PAINT+PLATE card.

The PAINT+PLATE project has been a wonderful collaborative creative experience and I look forward to sharing this food meets art project with you soon! But I could not post without a recipe, so in honor of January’s keeping it simple theme check out this easy Bijouxs Bite No. 2 – Poached Salmon recipe from the ‘What’s for Dinner Tonight?’ video collection.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Paint + Plate

  1. I love this collaboration! Beautiful idea! xo

    1. It was a really fun project – look for recipe and photos out this week.

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