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Bijouxs Bits: Food Swap

Let’s swap…handmade artisan foods, little jewels from the kitchen of course. Bijouxs packed up some jars of Pickled Peaches and headed off to a food swap, here are the Bijouxs Bits.

Food swaps are nothing new, we have been trading food for centuries and more recently you may recall a time when you eyed a classmate’s homemade cookie at school, and said, “I’ll trade ya.”  Today food swaps are popping up all around the country, a great opportunity to sample handmade foods and meet some wonderful people.

Bijouxs attended the inaugural Pasadena Food Swap; one of many food swaps here in the LA area. If you are new to food swaps like me, here’s how it goes. You bring a handmade food item(s); you view and sample the other contributor’s wares, and bid on the food items what you want then at the end swap foods.

Here’s a partial list of the little jewels Bijouxs brought home: Sugared rose petals, triple fudge brownies, mango- chutney, kumquat-jalapeno jam, Fleur se Sel caramels, triple ginger cookies, Madagascar vanilla sugar, cherry nectarine jam, organic madeleines, banana bread, salted caramel chocolate chip cookies, spiced flourless chocolate cake, pomegranate quinoa salad, lemon basil sryup, and chocolate salted almonds. That’s a basket full!

Food swaps – a great way to sample new little jewels from the kitchen and meet wonderful people – a lovely little Bijouxs Bit.



As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Bijouxs Bits: Food Swap

  1. Oooh. I might have to go to one of those. Sounds like you hit the jackpot!

    1. Everyone took home a beautiful variety of handmade goodies – really a fun time!

  2. how fun! I’m now convinced, gotta attend the next food swap I can find…and I luv your pics, really beautiful. How do we find local food swaps, is a good source? I’m in West L.A. and I only make it up to Pasadena every 2 or 3 months for assorted vinigar and olive oil from Beyond the Olive


    1. Hi Dev – Don’t you love Beyond the Olive! In addition to the food swap in Pasadena in August, the LA chapter has one in Silverlake for July. Here’s the link: Enjoy! Thank you for being a part of Bijouxs.

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