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Bijouxs House Ragù

Every house needs a ragù, well, at least one really great meat sauce recipe to toss with your favorite pasta, a little jewel of a recipe you can count on. Bijouxs House Ragù is meaty-rich, dotted with bites of porcini mushrooms, and brightened with a fresh gremolata. Join Bijouxs on the patio for our House Ragù.

I was born craving summer; the dry thermal warmth of the Southern California season warms my bones, but there is also a genetic response to summer: start relaxing, almost to the point of being lazy, thus creating a cooking routine that becomes very laissez-faire in nature.

The simple summer pleasure of lingering over a late afternoon summer lunch on the patio in sun dappled light around a no-fuss ancient picnic table just feels right. Bijouxs House Ragù echoes the simple mantra – a classic take on ragù Bolognese with beef, porcini mushrooms and tomatoes, slow cooked until it is a rich, thick, deep chocolate brown. Easier yet, all the ingredients, sans the beef, you probably have in your pantry.

Bijouxs House Ragù is a rich brown pasta sauce, not anything akin to a classic tomato- based pasta sauce and a Bijouxs Basics. This rich sauce seems to coat a pasta like fusilli well, again simple to serve and to eat. I serve the pasta dressed lightly with the sauce, passing extra sauce on the side for those who would like a little pasta with their sauce. A classic gremolata of garlic, lemon and parsley adds a bright, fresh note, much as it does for Osso Bucco.

A few containers of Bijouxs House Ragù in the freezer ensures a relaxing meal is just a pot of boiling water away and adults plus little ones alike favor this beefy, simple sauce. Toss a crisp green salad and add a loaf of rustic bread, you are now ready to enjoy a family lunch Bijouxs style – it’s summer, time to relax.



As always, enjoy. B

10 thoughts on “Bijouxs House Ragù

  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect ragù recipe and I think I just found a winner!! I will definitely try it this week and will stop by again to let you know how it went – Thank you!!

    1. Give this ragu a try and please feel free to adjust to suit your taste. This one is a great starting point, esp. if you like mushrooms. Thank you!

  2. Ah, I can feel this rustic meal as the lucky diners dapple lazily in the Sierra Madre sun.

    1. Lazily is the key word this summer both for cooking and dining! Thank you Lentil Breakdown!

  3. Wow, this looks great! Truth be told, anything that is easy, tastes great and you can freeze is something worth making. My husband thanks you already.

    1. Sophie, this sauce is really easy and rich in taste. Feel free to add more garlic, mushrooms, etc. to make your own House Ragù. Enjoy!

  4. I always have some ragù in the freezer and ossobuco is just not same served without a gremolata, but I had never thought of combining the two. Thank you bijouxs!

    1. The richness of this sauce is reminiscent of Osso Bucco, and the gremolata adds a bright fresh note. Thank you for stopping by Bijouxs!

  5. Love the House Ragu! It reminded me of my youth. Coming from an Italian family who had spaghetti every Sunday…this recipe brought back GREAT memories…thank you bijouxs!

    1. Thank you Darlene! It’s wonderful to recapture the experience of Sunday lunch with family & friends, and a big pot of ragù welcomes all.

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