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Bijouxs Bits: Tea for Today

4 pm and the kettle is on, a civilized ritual steeped in tradition but still relevant today – a cup of tea. In these mad, mad years of coffee, tea comes out of the shadows; a cup of exquisite tea can be a clear, new choice – a Bijouxs Bit for today.

Tea has again become a focus while working on recipes for the Bijouxs collection chapter titled “Tea for Today.” A favorite tea is certainly a personal choice; for the Bijouxs kitchen/studio the tea of choice is Darjeeling. A tea with an intoxicating floral, fruity muskiness, with a clean slightly astringent quality, Darjeeling is perfect for afternoon rejuvenations.

Bijouxs loves the limited-release Thurbo estate Darjeeling from LAMill, and there are many wonderful teas to choose from at this coffee Mecca in Silverlake. Speaking of coffee, I enjoyed one wonderful espresso Americano while waiting for my tin of tea to be packaged for take away.

Sampling blends is the first phase in the ritual of tea, then taking home the selected prized tin and brewing your own cherished cups of tea, savoring a taste steeped in tradition but now it’s tea for today.


As always, enjoy. B

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