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Breakfast Risotto with Cherries & Pinot Noir Syrup

It’s a long weekend, sleep late, put on your cozy robe and treat yourself to a simple elegant breakfast – Breakfast Risotto with Cherries and Pinot Noir Syrup – a wine country B&B experience at home – a little weekend jewel.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual Pasadena PinotFest held at the historic Altadena Country Club, an opportunity to spend the day with my favorite vintner Kenneth Volk Vineyards, pouring and learning more about their fabulous wines. Rodney Sharp from Kenneth Yolk, shared with the bustling crowd a flight of 7 of the Volk Pinots. Of course, inspiration for food is never far from Bijouxs mind and inspired by a jovial comment about the jammy goodness of Pinot Noir and breakfast, a sweet syrup came to mind.

Breakfast risotto, a cousin to our favorite puffed rice cereal, is a warming bowl that cooks up easily, allowing you to linger and enjoy a second cup of coffee. This is another little jewel adapted from a favorite book Cooking for a New Earth by Carl Jerome (1993), where cooking the risotto in the microwave takes out the guesswork, not to mention standing over the stove, producing a warm, creamy bowl that is reminiscent of rice pudding.

Bijouxs inspirations for the wine country B&B breakfast, include additions of freshly toasted hazelnuts and a simple syrup made from a reduction of a fruity Pinot Noir wine, sweetened and very gently infused with traditional mulling spices from friends at Frieda’s Produce to reveal the rich flavors of the wine, sans the alcohol. The syrup is a great way to use left over wine from dinner. A drizzle of the syrup is also nice on fresh berries.

Enjoy the long weekend, relax and enjoy a little jewel breakfast inspired by the California wine country.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Risotto with Cherries & Pinot Noir Syrup

  1. Just thinking about this recipe is making my taste buds tingle!

    1. Hello Virginia! A fun little change from the usual bowl of oats. Enjoy!

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