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Herb Salad with Jicama & Cherries

Herb Salad with Jicama & Cherries | Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”~ Margaret Atwood.

The delight of stepping out into the garden and snipping fresh herbs, is one of the best garden investments a cook can make. No. 362 Herb Salad with Jicama & Cherries, a salad looking to summer and another little jewel from the kitchen. Continue reading Herb Salad with Jicama & Cherries

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Chocolate Cherry Granola

Chocolate Cherry Granola | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Spring is coming and it seems it is already here along the coast in California. Packing it up for the beach or a picnic means bringing along this versatile and healthy chocolate granola–roasted hazelnuts and tart dried cherries make it a morning or anytime snack. A terrific stand-in for those sugary boxed treats. Chocolate Cherry Granola is a preview from my upcoming new cookbook No. 3 The Beach House. Enjoy this little jewel. Continue reading Chocolate Cherry Granola

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Sweet & Simple Cherry Tart

Sweet & Easy Cherry Tart | Bijouxs Little Jewels

This cherry tart recipe is truly sweet & simple. A puff pastry tart is one of the easy dessert recipes I reach for over and over in the Bijouxs Kitchen. I love cherries and for this recipe you can use jarred or frozen, or oh lucky day, fresh and you will rewarded with a sweet, lovely cherry tart. Continue reading Sweet & Simple Cherry Tart

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Pan Seared Duck Breast with Five Spice, Port & Sour Cherry Compote

Bijouxs Little Jewels | Pan Seared Duck Breast with Five Spice, Port and Sour Cherry Compote

A plate reflecting the colors of the season – the rich burgundy of Autumn hues is mirrored by Pan Seared Duck Breast with Five Spice, Port & Sour Cherry Compote. A little jewel that is a Perfect Pairing for the season.

When you think of a 15-minute meal this elegant Pan Seared Duck Breast with Five Spice, Port and Sour Cherry Compote is certainly not the first to mind. This dish was born in a moment of inspiration when cooking with friends and this rich little jewel takes no more time than cooking, say a quick Greek Lemon Chicken. Here’s how.

First, I have been noticing many larger supermarkets are now carrying fresh duck, look for packages of individual duck breasts in the meat counter and if you are flying solo for dinner this is a great option to experience some of Autumn’s richness, without breaking the bank. Next, keeping things simple, purchase a jar of tart cherry jam, a tablespoon of this really finishes the dish – and you have the rest of the jar to spread on a toasted buttery slice of brioche bread to warm a chilly Autumn morn.

Savoring the richness of the season with everyday beauty from the the Bijouxs Kitchen – a Perfect Pairing. Thank you for being a part of the Bijouxs Little Jewels Kitchen.