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Cherries Poached in Red Wine

Life is just a bowl of cherries and a bowl of cherries is made even sweeter with a simple poach in red wine, a beautiful burgundy-hued bowl of luscious fruit bathed in an elegant syrup, served plain or topped with a scoop of Bijouxs Amaretti Cream Crunch – sweet cherries for a sweet and simple summer Bijouxs.

Fresh fruits poached in wine are ideal for creating an elegant, yet simple fruit dessert. Poaching fruit whole retains the structural beauty of the fruit while gently imparting flavors of the poaching liquid, such as wine and any other additional spices.

Cherries poached in red wine is a classic and Bijouxs set an Italian tone to this simple poached fruit by using a full-bodied Italian red wine, adding a hint of almond and an optional quick topping made with mascarpone cheese, crushed amaretti cookies and chocolate covered cacao nibs.

First task is to pit the cherries, you don’t have to of course, but it’s much easier to enjoy the dessert if you do. I did finally purchase a cherry pitter, from OXO, that includes a feature I find very helpful, a plastic splatter shield, pitting cherries can be a messy business and it also doubles as an olive pitter. Sitting out on the porch working over bowls, just as I recalled we would do at home when shelling fresh peas, kitchen prep actually can be a Zen-like time alone or when working alongside others relaxed conversations often ensue.

The process is to gently simmer the cherries in the red wine with a little sugar for about 10 minutes, remove the cherries, and reduce the poaching liquid until it has become thick and syrupy. Pour the reduced syrup over the cherries and chill, that’s it.

I happened to be thinking about chocolate covered cherries once while making poached cherries so I included small dollop of an Amaretti Cream Crunch topping. Cherries Poached in Red Wine are stellar served alone, over ice cream, with cookies, over warm brownies, any way you like.

The sweet life includes a bowl of sweet Cherries Poached in Red Wine – Bijouxs little summer jewels.


As always, enjoy. B

12 thoughts on “Cherries Poached in Red Wine

  1. my life is complete..i have your recipe! this dessert is a ruby so exquisite that Liz, if still alive, would send her latest suitor to your home and offer you a kings ransom for just a taste.

    1. Bijouxs was so happy to have the Rippler in house taste a Bijouxs kitchen favorite and is it so easy to make. Caio!

  2. Oh my…So delectably indulging.

    1. These cherries are so luscious, and just three ingredients! Thank you for being a part of Bijouxs!

  3. I do a similar cherry “soup” with cotes du rhone and mint. So springtime in France! GREG

    1. Oh, that “soup” sounds wonderful! Will need to get that recipe from you. Thank you Greg!

  4. as always, your recipes and images are stunning.

    1. Hello Valentina! Merci,merci! These cherries are just as beautiful to eat. PS Love the new pic on your website of you cooking on the weekends!

  5. The combination of cherries and red wine is just perfetto! Too bad the ones from my try are long gone. I think that adding a dash of cinnamon would bring this dessert into a more autmn-y direction. 🙂


  6. Sublime, my dear. SUBLIME!

  7. Your description of the poached cherries with the mascarpone, amaretti cookie crumbles and cacoa nibs has me in a rather breathless swoon! What a beautiful, gracefully choreographed treat to the palette!

    Such a pleasure to have you join “A Little Birdie Told Me…” Tuesday at Rook No. 17!


    1. Hi Jenn! Thank you so much mentioning Bijouxs! You feature so many little jewels – love your site! Thank you for your kind words. Best!

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