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Skillet Chicken & Rice

Skillet Chicken & Rice

This recipe is a take on my Mom’s total comfort dish of Pork Chops and Rice. We have not been eating as much pork, instead turning to chicken. Drumsticks are down home, kid friendly and also budget conscious. My son once had me step outside the kitchen to surprise me with some chicken and rice, of course sans the wine. The red wine and garlic are newer adult additions to the family recipe. The basics are always a little jewel. Continue reading Skillet Chicken & Rice

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Capellini Aglio Olino Peperoncino

Capellini with garlic, oil and chile pepper

Back to basics. Simple straightforward food that well, just tastes really good. This 4-ingredient Italian classic Capellini Aglio Olino Peperoncino is a staple in the Bijouxs Kitchen, ready to fulfill any hunger attack even when your cupboard is almost bare, always a little jewel.

Continue reading Capellini Aglio Olino Peperoncino

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Crispy & Cheesy Roasted Fennel

Crispy Cheesy Roasted Fennel

Happy Spring Holidays. We are still going to celebrate, even though many of us are on our own this year. Most definitely a different kind of holiday, but food creates comfort and reminds us how grateful we are for our lives. Crispy Cheesy Roasted Fennel is on the menu. Yes, it’s crispy-buttery and full of spices, cooking at home, always a little jewel. Continue reading Crispy & Cheesy Roasted Fennel