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Solid Maple Salad Bowl

Well loved and very well worn, revealing its battle scars from the kitchen, my solid maple salad bowl has been an indispensable Bijouxs Basic for over 30 years.

I found the bowl strolling on Charles Street in Boston during a movie location. My trusted Springer Spaniel in tow, I savored walking the historic streets, popping into the quaint assortment of shops, and also being asked by shopkeepers about my “funny accent.”

This solid maple bowl, carved from one piece of wood, is both beautiful and functional. It is the perfect vessel for my house vinaigrette, providing a strong yet slightly resilient surface, allowing me to perfectly crush the garlic with the salt.

It is beautiful enough to serve from, scars and all. Wooden salad bowls are easy to maintain, just rinse with warm mild soapy water, dry and oil frequently with good block oil or just a small amount of mineral oil, developing a beautiful patina in time.

The little shop on Charles Street is no more, but I found a similar bowl online, made by a small company in the U.S. My bowl is 15”, which is a medium size and will hold enough salad for about 4-6 guests. I also noted a 17” size bowl, which was not available, oh, but that would be nice to have as well…tempting.

A friend just returned from Paris and brought me this beautiful wooden serving set from E. Dehillerin (my personal heaven) which complements the bowl perfectly.

A Solid Maple Salad bowl, an enduring Bijouxs Basic.

As always, enjoy. B

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