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Grapefruit Gazpacho with Mint

This is a very light, simple take on Gazpacho, and the grapefruit is what really makes it such a fresh sup on a hot day. It’s a snap to make: chop everything up, put in a bowl with grapefruit juice, let the flavors develop for an hour, and give it a quick spin the food processor, pure Bijouxs.

I have adapted the recipe slightly from the original but you may prefer the flavor following the original from R.S.V.P. by Nan Kemper. I left out the 1/2 cup of red pepper included in the original as I simply did not have it on hand one day and ended up liking it better. The nice thing is you can adjust the ingredients to suit your taste.  It is important to stress that using fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (DIY) will help ensure that you avoid the higher acid quality usually associated with most purchased grapefruit juice.

Ah, Grapefruit Gazpacho, a refreshing little Bijouxs for a hot summer day.

As always, enjoy. B

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