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BBQ Tofu Kabobs

Summer BBQ done light. Hot off the grill, luscious and healthy BBQ Tofu Kabobs, a Bijouxs take on classic sweet & sour kabobs, little gems to keep things light this summer.

Summer grilling, everyone’s talking about it, after all what can be better than cooking outdoors when the temperatures soar? Getting out of the kitchen and on to the grill it’s nice to have a collection of recipes that go beyond burgers and steaks, lighter fare that captures the classic tastes we love from the grill.

BBQ Tofu Kabobs may have ended for some at the word ‘tofu’, but looking at these luscious skewers of crispy tofu, red bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms drizzled with a teriyaki barbecue glaze, you can see these kabobs pack some flavor.

During my years working as a personal chef, much of my work for clients was to create lighter dishes for a variety of special diets. I had been cooking with tofu for many years prior and discovered that in certain dishes tofu is a wonderful stand-in, perfect to create meatless meals.

If you have not cooked with tofu before (I know, it can get a bad rap) marinating tofu then grilling on skewers creates crispy, flavor-packed bites that are light and tender, perfectly paired with the crisp vegetables. See COOK’S NOTES on the recipe card for tips on grilling tofu. Keeping things summer simple, I used bottled teriyaki and barbecue sauce from a health food store, where you can locate some tasty products that are fruit juice sweetened, low fat, gluten-free, etc. or use your own home-crafted sauces.

BBQ Tofu Kabobs are on my ‘summer light & casual’ menu when I entertain, often the first to disappear off the grill. Abundant rosemary from the garden was used to fashion cooking skewers, which infuses a woodsy flavor note. I like to serve the kabobs with lettuce leaves, grated jicama, sliced radishes and extra sauce to make wraps, along with a large platter of Vegetable Brown Rice Pilaf.

BBQ Tofu Kabobs, grilling done light form Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “BBQ Tofu Kabobs

  1. Dearest Lynn Marie, among the jewels in my treasure chest (Smitten Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, Sunday Suppers etc.) Bijouxs is that wee diamond that is the gem at the top of the crown. Your recipes are magnificent (I recently made the Meyer Lemon Bread Pudding for a dinner party – a complete hit), your food styling unmatched, and your writing – sweet, friendly and unpretentious. Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Gwen! Thank you for your wonderful comment! Wow, I am humbled to even be included in the group of talented women you mention. You will never know how much your lovely comment means to me at this time. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the little jewel recipes I share-that’s what means the most to me, above all else. Again, a very sincere Merci!

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