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Truffles L’Orange


Cooler weather leads us to turn indoors, to the comfort of warm food and gathering with family and friends. Truffles L’Orange are simple little jewels, and really, who would not love receiving an elegant box of yummy chocolates packed with love? For extra good cheer include a bottle of bubbly. Cheers to start of the holiday season from Bijouxs!

The approach of the every holiday season prompts a phone to a dear friend, it’s time to plan our yearly holiday tradition of a special cooking day to create holiday food gifts. These kitchen gifts are among my Bijouxs, simple to create and fun to package with the addition of your own personal style stamp. Of course there must be chocolate!

Yes, chocolate + orange = Truffles L’Orange.  Creamy little bites of chocolate are touched with just a hint of orange, thanks to a Bijouxs pantry basic, Grand Marnier Liqueur.

Truffles L’Orange are easy to make + give. Place the truffle mixture in a pan, chill and slice into squares, or chill the truffle mixture and roll into balls, either way, they make a sweet handmade holiday gift. I often serve a tray of truffles with additions such as sugared sliced almonds or candied pecans for added crunch and of course a bottle of bubbly.

Truffles L’Orange–cheers to the start of the holiday season!

As always, enjoy. B

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