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Vintage Cookbook Jewels


Do you love vintage cookbooks or know someone who does? Here’s one of my favorite little jewels, a cookbook lovers dream, brimming with holiday gifts for your favorite chef. Join me in a visit to the this very special store.

Tucked away along a busy boulevard sits one Pasadena’s little gems, a true cookbook lovers dream, thousands of used and vintage cookbooks, curated over the last 20 years by Janet Jarvits. The humble street facade does not convey the cookbook treasures that lie within.

Upon entering the store you are immediately struck by two things. One, the sheer number of cookbooks, stacked floor to ceiling, tall shelves towering above your head and two, a warm welcome from Emma Jean the resident kitty–this is no ordinary bookstore.

 Janet’s store is home to thousands of cookbooks, used and vintage, and she is a great source of information if you are looking for special or hard to find cookbook. Perhaps you may have inherited or are a looking for a copy of your Grandmother’s Betty Crocker cookbook–Janet is well versed in this historic series of cookbooks. Also, if you are looking for the Time Life Foods of the World Series, Janet has lots of copies to add to your library!

I enjoy frequenting the store, adding vintage and out-of-print cookbooks to my collection, but the good news is that you are able purchase cookbooks from Janet online through her website. It’s a to great way to find a personalized, unique gift for that special cook in your life or a nice little holiday treat for yourself. Either way, get to browsing!

Give the gift every cook will love, yes, another cookbook! Just in time to support Small Business Saturday–sharing a little jewel idea for holiday gifting from Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

3 thoughts on “Vintage Cookbook Jewels

  1. WOW, this is great!! I absolutely LOVE vintage anything, and cookbooks are high up on that list; sadly, they can be very difficult to find, which is why coming across your site is manna from Heaven to me! I’ve got to spread the news about your site…I know several people who will be very happy to find out about your site will be as excited about your site as I am! Thankyou so much for providing such a convenient way that I and many others can access this treasure trove!

    1. Hi Bonnie! This cookbook bookstore is very special, so I wanted to share this ‘little jewel’ resource for this of us who love to cook & of course also love cookbooks. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, I didn’t know about this. Two of my favorite things—cats and cookbooks! That is an amazing shot with the kitty. I love it!

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