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  • Bijouxs_com-fig-tart

    Fig & Lemon Tart

    Embrace rustic simplicity, along with a little everyday kitchen beauty, Italian style. Easy, summer … Continue»

  • Bijouxs_com-bbq-tofu

    BBQ Tofu Kabobs

    Summer BBQ done light. Hot off the grill, luscious and healthy BBQ Tofu Kabobs, … Continue»

  • IMG_0172-3-web

    Rancho Maria Beans

    This Father’s Day bowls of creamy Rancho Maria Beans will bring California style BBQ … Continue»

  • eggplan_v2

    Summer Tomato Sauce

    Back to Bijouxs No. 1! Time to revisit a no-cook summer favorite, perfect Mason … Continue»

  • shrimp1

    Summer Pickled Shrimp

    Summer is a time to pack up and escape the heat, whether a week … Continue»

  • corn1

    Summer Corn Salad

    Fresh, sweet corn, little jewels off the cob, perfect for a summer salad. Summer … Continue»