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Mushroom Miso Noodles

Mushroom Miso Noodles | Little Jewels from the Kitchen

A creamy mushroom noodle bowl loaded with a variety of mushrooms, miso and fresh herbs-Mushroom Miso Noodles, a little winter jewel.


The big chill is sweeping the country. It is even cold here along the California coast. My answer to this chill is a rich mushroom broth brimming with Japanese noodles, and lots of fresh herbs.


Although I do not have any wild mushrooms to forage, I noticed in the supers there has been a shortage of dried mushrooms and a limited fresh selection. So I visited my local farmers market in search of mushrooms for this soup. I did have to order the dried mixed mushooms online, but the effort was well worth it.


I can’t think of anything more comforting that a bowl of noodles on a wintery day. I love the slurpy-udon style noodles and paired them with a collection of mushrooms and fresh herbs. The key is the addition of miso paste to the broth to create a creamy unami flavor. The base broth could not be simpler, just soak the dried mushrooms over night in 3 cups of water. In the morning you will discover an earthy clear brown broth to form the base of the noodle soup.

 Mushroom Miso Noodles Bijouxs Little Jewels

This recipe is really a compilation of some of my favorite mushroom bowls, such as Rich Mushroom Hot & Sour Soup,Creamy Mushrooms & Grits, and Miso Udon Soup. This bowl of Mushroom Miso Noodles, differs with a richer, thicker broth to coat the noodles, plus fresh herbs inspired from classic Thai Pho.


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