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Apple Crisp

Enter the perfect fall dessert – Bijouxs Apple Crisp. Tart, crisp apples baked with fragrant spices and sweetness creating a caramel-like sauce and crowned with a crunchy butter-crisp topping, a dessert that is bound to draw guests into the kitchen to snatch a little taste. A simple, enduring fall Bijouxs at it’s best.

Anna apples no longer grace my tree, but another favorite apple is in season, the Pippin. Pippins have always been the apples my family sought out for fall baking; it must be Pippins. These apples were easier to procure when I was growing up, and now it is a bit of a hunt here in the LA area to find these jewels in the fall. I learned that Pippins have an illustrious past, once were referred to as the “Prince of Apples.” This description of the Pippin apple, “the citrus-like aroma, some describe it as “piney,” lingers in the mouth like a dear memory” is right on target. Pippin’s unique flavor and long storage life contributed to their notoriety.

Apples, spices and a buttery-sugar crumb topping are the simple ingredients for this crisp. As always, with ingredients as simple as these, use the freshest ones you can find – crisp fresh apples (Pippins may be available now at larger framer’s markets), pure unsalted butter, and freshly grated nutmeg all contribute to creating the perfect apple crisp. This recipe may be increased for a larger crowd, just use about one apple per person, adjust the portions of the sugar and spice mixture, and doubling the topping mixture will yield enough topping for 10-12 servings. Use as much topping as you need (can you ever have too much topping?) to cover the apples, you may freeze the rest of the topping to use at a later date.

Apple crisp is a fall make-ahead dessert that ensures a delicious and relaxed dessert course. You may bake the crisp a day ahead; cool, cover and refrigerate then gently reheat in a 250° oven until warm. I love to bake the crisp a few hours before guests arrive – the spices fill the air and welcome guests to a simple fall gathering. Apple crisp is a classic stand-alone dessert but the addition of freshly whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream could never hurt.

Apple crisp, another fall Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

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