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Bijouxs Bites: Bijouxs Featured In Pasadena Magazine’s November Food & Wine Issue

The Bijouxs kitchen and studio is buzzing with creativity! Here is one of the little jewels we are buzzing about: our feature spread in Pasadena Magazine’s November Fall Food and Wine Issue. Thanks again to the wonderful team at Pasadena Magazine!

The November Food and Wine issue is brimming with fall recipes, chef interviews and this month features Bijouxs creating a “Budget Bites” cocktail party for 25 guests – one that won’t break the bank.

The Budget Bites cocktail party features recipes and tips for creating your own “don’t break the bank” cocktail party. Recipes include a house cocktail punch that is easy and economical, simple French pastry Gougères with Sun-dried Tomatoes and a Roaring Forties Blue Cheese Dip. Budget tips include taking ready-made pantry items and making them your own, such as House Flavored chips. Complete the party with delicious bites from a favorite deli and you have a classic cocktail party that you can celebrate.

The November issue of Pasadena Magazine is on newsstands now. We at Bijouxs love the magazine, and read it every month to find out what’s hot and happening in the Pasadena area. The magazine also sponsors cool events, which may be found on their website.

Wow, what an exciting month for us in the Bijouxs kitchen! Thank you to all of you for being a part of Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy.

P.S. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the glitches in getting all the new features functioning on our new Bijouxs website. Stay tuned we are getting there!

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Bijouxs Bites: Bijouxs Featured In Pasadena Magazine’s November Food & Wine Issue

  1. Loved the launch party! Way to go!

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