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Welcome Bijouxs Collection Membership

Bijouxs Collection Membership

Welcome to change. Since 2009 Bijouxs Little Jewels has been bringing you hundreds of my favorite recipes from my personal collection for free along with ad-free experience. I will continue to provide beautiful & simple recipes for the home cook.


New to the Bijouxs Little Jewels blog is the Membership Collection. The quickly changing world of social media created great changes within the blogging and all content websites. You may have noticed that almost all major websites require a subscription to view their content. This in part is due to the costs to run a blog/website, including fees for servers, and all technical peripherals and needed tech to support a blog/website platform. All of this has made it cost prohibitive to provide you with free recipe content. 


Change is the only thing that is consistent. I have been proud to provide you for over 10 years free content and an ad-free experience. The Bijouxs Membership Collection will continue to bring you access to all 500+ recipes for a small membership fee. It’s $35, the price of a cookbook, for a 1-year subscription.* You also won’t have to go searching for or lug a heavy cookbook in the kitchen. Less clutter and we can save some trees.


To my many loyal readers over the past 10 years, I thank you for your support! I also now thank all of you who subscribe to my independent project. Memberships will ensure the continuation of the Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen as you know it and love it. I will be updating things in the coming weeks.

For now, I thank you all!


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Bijouxs Bits: Five Little Jewels from the PMA Fresh Summit

Bijouxs’ mission is to celebrate the little kitchen jewels, the everyday beauty all around us right here in our kitchens. This past weekend I was surrounded by miles of beautiful produce along with the opportunity to meet many of the people who provide the fruits and vegetables that we enjoy every day at our kitchen table. In true Bijouxs style, I curated a simple collection, Five Little Jewels to share from the PMA Fresh Summit. Continue reading Bijouxs Bits: Five Little Jewels from the PMA Fresh Summit