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Bijouxs Bits: Brook Farm General Store

Brook Farm General Store captures the retail essence of Bijouxs: timeless, simple, useful, classic items beautifully displayed – little jewels for your kitchen and home.

When I first began as a designer working on retail stores in NYC, it used to be all about the customer; now retail customers are pummeled with a barrage of video and visual ads, loud music and confusing merchandising floor plans, many stores have lost their way – sometimes it’s just too confusing to go shopping. But some stores still have it right and Brook Farm General Store delivers a clear brand, great merchandise and a visually appealing shopping experience.

Bijouxs Bits features some of my favorite items with pictures from Brook Farm General Store’s online shopping environment, providing you with just the little jewels. Although it’s hard to narrow choices, here are favorite items to consider for your Bijouxs kitchen and pantry.

Really, what is more basic than bread? The bread board and bread knife are basics, infused with style. Consider elegant scissors, perfect for snipping twine or fresh herbs from the garden; they will bring you joy every time you use them. Swing top water bottles are a great way to bring your favorite drinks to a picnic, sans the plastic. As you scoop your favorite tea and spices with the teak mini scoop, you know it is a little jewel that will serve you a lifetime.

Now, I have always been crazy about linen, so the linen place mats in the gray and white stripe need to come home with me and the Hammam towels are destined for the new bathroom I am designing. Finally, market baskets (oh, dear not in stock now) are perfect for journeys to endless farmer’s markets.

Brook Farm General Store – a little Bijouxs Bit for you kitchen and home.


As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Bijouxs Bits: Brook Farm General Store

  1. Hear, hear! Brook Farm General Store is a true gem!

    1. Yes, a little jewel indeed. Good to hear from you!

  2. awesome resource…i love everything!

    1. It’s great to find a Bijouxs – I love to share. Thank you!

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