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Far Out Temple Curry

Far Out Temple Curry | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Far out! That is what Far Out Temple Curry is, a far out dish.  A simple, vegan curry that is bathed in a rich, creamy coconut base. Lots to love in this bowl, totally far out.


Far out, the retro expression that now rings true again. Channeling peace and love for the table, I am forever a curious cook. Here at Bijouxs you will find a wide variety of recipes. Whatever you fancy, chances are recipes at Bijouxs Little Jewels are for you. The Little Jewels isl about variety and transforming your table into a joyful dining experience. 


To consider what you eat is a mindful practice and contributes to healthy life. Surely you have heard to eat the rainbow, cut back on sugar and avoid those nasty trans fats. I think most people try to do their best to eat as healthy as possible, no judgement here. Many of the recipes on my website are classics I have been cooking for years, time-tested and loved by both my family and friends. My little jewel recipe collection also includes some newer recipes possessing a healthy vibe. 


If you have stopped by or hung out with me at Bijouxs you will know I do love curry. Sampling new cooking trends and cookbooks is great fun, cooks just love to share. A favorite website with beauty and food has this book and it contains recipes that are far out. I have sampled recipes, one of my favorites is a funky curry bowl. A simple collection of vegetables and spices are bathed in coconut milk, ready to savor in just a few minutes. 

No long list of do-not-have ingredients here. The base ingredients are canned coconut milk, onion, fresh ginger, curry powder, many are in your pantry right now. Add in a fresh green like spinach, a squeeze of fresh lime and cilantro. To round out the meal serve the curry with steamed rice and a side of a healthy probiotic slaw, actually this a new favorite of mine I will share in the newsletter. Sip a Hibiscus & Thyme tea and enjoy a healthy delight.



As always, enjoy. B

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