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Modern Brownie Pudding

Chocolate, chewy little cups of brownie pudding, served with a sidecar scoop of vanilla gelato, but what makes this classic recipe modern? Redressed, these individuals have become cool little jewels – Modern Brownie Pudding.

There is usually a story with the food at Bijouxs, threading my background working in food, fashion and design – but the food really is the story at Bijouxs. Brownie Pudding get a modern makeover; externally styled in minimal brown & white, just a sprinkling of cacao nib adornments following the modern tenant of less is more, but what really makes this brownie pudding modern is its temperature – served frozen – very cool.

While working on the recipe for brownie pudding, I stumbled and made a slight error (often), one that led me to the modern version of these delightful little chocolate jewels. I served the “error” batch of brownie pudding cups to some of my regular Bijouxs kitchen/studio Sunday samplers (the brave few who show up to taste test the upcoming Bijouxs) and although they were kind in word with the recipe, I was not convinced; I tasted something familiar, and set out to test my taste theory.

After placing the individual brownie pudding cups in the freezer for a few hours my taste theory was confirmed. The change of temperature created an icy chocolate-coffee granita (the familiar taste) bottom layer, topped by an airy, brown sugar crusted cake, and the vanilla gelato sidecar completed the taste theory, a change in temperature = Modern Brownie Pudding.

What also makes these individual Modern Brownie Pudding cups cool is that you can bake them ahead, and then pop them in the freezer a few hours or more before the guests arrive, attach the vanilla gelato (available at the supers) sidecar and serve; easy does it. Photographed here are simple 6-ounce custard cups, a classic Bijouxs Basics, great to have in your kitchen.

Bijouxs are the little jewels from the kitchen, sometimes a mistake with a story or two.


As always, enjoy. B
Recipe Card
  1. Gina melton writes

    This looks amazing! Who would think that a trip to the freezer could change up something so familiar!

    • Bijouxs writes

      Hi Gina! I like your “trip to a freezer” comment! These end up almost tasting like ice cream cake – another familiar taste. Good to hear from you!

  2. A cool jewel, indeed, and a delicious read! I’ll be your Sunday night taster any day of the week!

    • Bijouxs writes

      Glad you enjoyed this little jewel…OK, you are on the list!

  3. Robyn writes

    I suspect this will be a perfect coda to a summer tea party! (and as usual, always appreciate something that can be made in advance to save time)

    • Bijouxs writes

      Hi there Robyn. These little pudding cups are an icy treat and make ahead is always good. Thanks for being a part of Bijouxs!

  4. christy writes

    gorgeous! hubster saw this and asked if we were having to for dessert tonight….i guess i better get back in the kitchen 😉

    • Bijouxs writes

      Think ice cream cake, made easy. Enjoy!

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