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Cooking with Bijouxs!

I am so pleased to announce the newest addition to the Bijouxs family, a little jewel collection of cooking classes, beginning with the Bijouxs Basics – foundational recipes and skills, just the things you need to get started, enhance your cooking experience or for fresh ideas and recipes – join me in the kitchen!

I began Bijouxs|Little Jewels from the Kitchen two years ago with the mission to share the little kitchen jewels, the classic, enduring recipes, much like the basic little black dress, that have been a part of my cooking experience for over three decades – let’s just say, I have quite an archive of recipes! This however is a carefully curated collection, the Bijouxs are the tried and true recipes that always seem to shine everytime I serve them to clients, family & guests. These Bijouxs I consider to be the beautiful kitchen essentials and through my photography I strive to capture the everyday beauty all around us in our kitchen.

As a personal chef, people are always asking me how I got my start cooking, phoning in for help with a recipe or looking a recipe idea – it struck me that many people also mentioned they would love to get a great start in kitchen, learn new skills and start making food from scratch. Others mentioned they are very tired of ‘to go’ deli and fast food, the expense of eating out in restaurants and concerns about health as well. Bijouxs cooking classes were born.

Bijouxs Basics is the four-class series I designed to replicate the intimate, joyful and very practical way I first learned to get cooking in the kitchen. Here at Bijouxs, I always mention the importance of getting a great start in the kitchen with a collection of foundational recipes. Imagine fresh stocks and sauces waiting for you in your freezer, or fresh tomato sauce, homemade salad dressings and sweet dessert toppings all on the ready; versatile, simple, fresh food made from scratch. Bijouxs Basics Class One – Stocks, Sauces and Such, serves as the introduction to cooking at home. A little time and everyday kitchen equipment are all you need to get started!

My Bijouxs Basics are recipes that reflect my cooking style and serve as the basis for many other recipes. The classes are a series where the skills from each class build to the next and will reflect seasonally selected recipes. These classes are hands-on and demonstration, mostly limited to 4 students to support individualized instruction.  At the end of each class we will sit down together to enjoy the dishes we have created.

I have a lovely new website for my classes Lynn Marie Gray where you can get more information on classes, personal chef service and sign up to set a date for classes! And thanks to Adobe for featuring us as Muse Site of the Day for November 8th! I look forward to sharing the beauty of everyday cooking with you soon!

Another easy entertaining recipe up this Sunday!

As always, enjoy. B

6 thoughts on “Cooking with Bijouxs!

  1. Cooking classes!! I sooooooo want to join in. Can you come to Seattle??

    1. Hey Sherry, get a group together – I love Seattle and amazing food – maybe have Bijouxs will travel!

  2. Beautiful site. Beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you so much Daphna!

  3. Congrats on your new classes and your Adobe Muse site! You are the epitome of elegance and artistry, always!

    1. Thank you Lentil, so kind! Not the gift of humor that you have, not to mention your copyediting skills!

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