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Bijouxs Basics Tomato Sauce

It’s time to create an invaluable the little kitchen jewel, Bijouxs Basics Tomato Sauce. A sauce so brilliantly practical it’s sure bring a little sparkle to your kitchen, especially during the dark days of winter as you enjoy the taste of ruby-red tomatoes fresh from a sunny August field. Practical kitchen jewelry from Bijouxs.

There’s just nothing like it, your own homemade tomato sauce. Not plain tomato sauce from a can or any commercial tomato sauce used for pasta. This is the basic jewel that the marketplace has yet to capture—tomato sauce for cooking. Easy to make and ready to work into almost any recipe calling for tomato sauce. Truly, I’d be lost preparing dishes without this sauce waiting for me, either in my basement or freezer pantry.

Basics Tomato Sauce was one of the first little jewels I learned to prepare. My adapted my recipe began via my very first and most wonderful cooking instructors. They had just returned from spending time cooking with the Simone Beck (aka ‘Simca’) at her home in France, imagine my wide-eyed 21-year-old cooking excitement! This sauce has its roots in Provençe with a distinctive touch of dried orange peel. (see COOK’S NOTES on recipe card for more about orange peel).

Simple? Yes! With just a handful of ingredients, no special equipment and in an hour you can prepare about 2 quarts of tomato sauce, enough to last a couple months. Of course, once you experience how invaluable this sauce is, you can prepare it whenever you like because you know how easy it really is!

Tomatoes are in their final summer rollout at markets now, so this is a great time to get some sauce put away for Fall cooking. Ask vendors about over-ripe tomatoes, they usually are discounted, perfect for making sauce. If tomatoes aren’t flourishing at the markets where you are, embrace the Bijouxs kitchen motto and “do the best with what you have”; canned tomatoes will do just fine, creating a sauce better than anything you can purchase.

I also created for you a collection of my invaluable basic pantry items I keep stocked and use in the Bijouxs kitchen. More little jewels in the pantry soon!

Next week I will share one of my favorite Provençal recipes, so be ready to use your newly created Basics Tomato Sauce! Bijouxs Basics Tomato Sauce—a practical kitchen jewel from Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Bijouxs Basics Tomato Sauce

  1. You are the best food artist ever! Beautiful AND delicious!

    1. Merci Valentina! The food is the true beauty!

  2. One of the joys of summer is making my own simple tomato sauce, but I usually go ultra simple with mine — next time I’m going to try this one, I love the idea of the orange zest!

    1. Hello Sue and Happy Spring! This recipe for tomato sauce adds the Provençal hint of orange – I hope you will enjoy it! Thank you!

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