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Family & Friends Cookbook


Thanks for your patience! Phew! That ‘coming soon’ banner was up for a very long time. Truth be told, 2013 was the year that just ‘was’ but–it’s 2014, a New Year and I am proud to say the lovely new website is live and first digital cookbook is on the shelves! The details on the book are here.

First, a quick background. For many years I worked as a personal chef and for even more years a commercial designer in firms specializing in retail store and graphic design. I began writing a series of little jewel cookbooks, then came a turn–both economic and in publishing–the answer? Roll up my sleeves and find a way do it myself.

So, I begin with a series of digital cookbooks, PDF format. A beautiful, practical book that can be used on a multitude of devices and platforms; with no internet connectivity issues. The books and recipes go with you to the market or on vacation; perfectly portable and forward thinking.

A labor of love, the books are written, photographed and designed by, well, yours truly. A book takes a team, and of course a great copy editor, plus a few others mentioned in the credits to make the project happen. Thank you everyone who supported the project and encouraged me!

I hope you enjoy my first little jewel, Bijouxs Family & Friends! Thank you to all who follow, read and purchase my first book! Here’s to a great 2014.

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Family & Friends Cookbook

  1. Really it’s all about that hair! Ok Ok this site is spectacular. Hurry up and lets go to the desert and kill it down there! XO Stephen

    1. It’s ALWAYS about the hair:) Gave your name today for question re: my new angled bob. Yup, let’s go cook!

  2. Your site is very nice and the book looks gorgeus. Congrats!

    1. Thank you Framm! Enjoy!

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