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Thanks for your patience! Phew! That ‘coming soon’ banner was up for a very long time. Truth be told, 2013 was the year that just ‘was’ but–it’s 2014, a New Year and I am proud to say the lovely new website is live and first digital cookbook is on the shelves! The details on the book are here.

First, a quick background. For many years I worked as a personal chef and for even more years a commercial designer in firms specializing in retail store and graphic design. I began writing a series of little jewel cookbooks, then came a turn–both economic and in publishing–the answer? Roll up my sleeves and find a way do it myself.

So, I begin with a series of digital cookbooks, PDF format. A beautiful, practical book that can be used on a multitude of devices and platforms; with no internet connectivity issues. The books and recipes go with you to the market or on vacation; perfectly portable and forward thinking.

A labor of love, the books are written, photographed and designed by, well, yours truly. A book takes a team, and of course a great copy editor, plus a few others mentioned in the credits to make the project happen. Thank you everyone who supported the project and encouraged me!

I hope you enjoy my first little jewel, Bijouxs Family & Friends! Thank you to all who follow, read and purchase my first book! Here’s to a great 2014.

As always, enjoy. B
  1. stephen writes

    Really it’s all about that hair! Ok Ok this site is spectacular. Hurry up and lets go to the desert and kill it down there! XO Stephen

    • Lynn writes

      It’s ALWAYS about the hair:) Gave your name today for question re: my new angled bob. Yup, let’s go cook!

  2. Framm writes

    Your site is very nice and the book looks gorgeus. Congrats!

    • Lynn writes

      Thank you Framm! Enjoy!

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