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Apple-Cranberry Pie


A true slice of everyday beauty–Apple Cranberry Pie. Flaky, an absolutely fall-apart crust surrounds tart layers of cranberries and piled high apple slices, topped with a lavishly melting scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Everyday beauty–a little jewel shared and captured in the Bijouxs studio.

Is there any more perfect gift than a slice of homemade pie? The Bijouxs Kitchen|Studio loves visits from friends, especially when a dish has just been cooked–the query “what do you think?” On this occasion a very talented friend and baker appeared bearing a gift for me, a slice of Apple Cranberry Pie–a must try. After preparing my Country Pecan Pie for her Thanksgiving (honor) she wanted to introduce me to this delicious pie–hello lovely!

My recent pie crust ‘debacle’ during the holidays (first in ages, thus requiring a complete review, breakdown and debriefing with my cooking comrades) had led me to go back to my roots, so to speak, when it came to producing a truly flaky pie crust. Seems others have pie crust issues as well. My friend had wisdom, plus a recipe to share…tell me more.

I had been a long time subscriber to Cook’s Illustrated, the home of America’s Test Kitchen, but during the busy years as a personal chef, it feel off my bookmark list. Any kitchen calamities, usually occur when I try to cut corners on process (smarty pants) or substitute out for some new ingredient (fancy pants); sometimes trying to wear the ‘pants’ is not the best choice, especially when it comes to baking.

The recipe for this pie and crust have been very lightly adapted from Cook’s Illustrated–they test, test, test everything. The subscription is a value, a resource of getting what I call Bijouxs Basics skills. Their pie crust and this pie recipe are ones to try.

This month is a celebration of Family & Friends here at Bijouxs. Capturing what I call the everyday beauty in our kitchens, is a big part of what I do here at Bijouxs, along with sharing.  In this photograph of everyday beauty, I wanted you to almost join me, pick up the fork and savor a bite of this beautiful pie. I am sharing the recipe, along with my friend’s cooking notes.

Sharing the everyday beauty, right here in our kitchen, from Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

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