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Grapefruit Brulée

La matina, in Italian ‘the morning’, one time of day we can carve out for ourselves, quiet intention, even better when accompanied by a lovely, simple jewel recipe – Grapefruit Brulée.

The Bijouxs studio is my ‘la matina’ refuge, pre-dawn when the world is still asleep, a place to write along with coffee and a simple, light breakfast of Grapefruit Brulée to set the day – a treasured quite morning and a recipe to share.

Grapefruit Brulée, a simple gem and a true Bijouxs Basics, serves as both a pretty start to the morning or as an elegant end to the evening. Broiled grapefruit is a classic recipe, but add a dollop of sour cream (or greek yogurt), a very generous sprinkle of crunchy Demerara sugar (I like it best for any brulée), broil to perfection and voila – Grapefruit Brulée.

Use a grapefruit knife to section the grapefruit for ease of serving prior to broiling. Demerara sugar is a Bijouxs Basics pantry item. Look for Demerara sugar in cooking stores, also in some supermarkets, such as Whole Foods. You can substitute a coarse sugar such as the brand ‘Sugar in the Raw’ product. Use a full-fat greek yogurt in place of the sour cream. Omit the sour cream/yogurt for a classic version of broiled grapefruit.

Enjoy ‘la matina’ with another little jewel recipe from the Bijouxs Kitchen collection.


As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Grapefruit Brulée

  1. It’s happened again. I did grapefruit sabayon cakes today! I just use the juice and zest, unlike your creative whole fruit version here. But still eerie… XOGREG

    1. This IS a bit uncanny, but I enjoy being in the same company as Sippity Sup when it comes to taste in food! I’m heading over to read about your grapefruit sabayon cakes out now. Always fun!

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