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Matcha Bliss Truffles

Bijouxs Little Jewels | Matcha Bliss Truffles

SIMPLE & healthy sweet treats for our sweet Mom’s. Matcha Bliss Truffles –  a little jewel recipe ready in just 15 minutes. Let’s cook.

I love these sweet bites,. I brought you the recipe back on the blog in 2011, and they have been a holiday gifting staple the the Bijouxs Kitchen for over 25 years. These moist, nutty, raw little jewels are a North African inspired confection with dates, figs and nuts, all ground together moistened and flavored with redolent spices. Take two, 2017 – this Mother’s Day, flowers I picked up and card from a grown-up faraway son.

Bijoux Little Jewels | Mother's Day

A few simple adjustments, and voila the 2017 recipe. I rolled the truffles in matcha powder for a lovely green hue (and health benefits) and serve with a rich red-hued raspberry-balsamic quick 10 minute jam, via a charming cookbook “A Taste of Ojai” by private chef Robin Goldstein. Modern wine glasses are a nice vessel for a dollop of jam with a few truffles nestled on top.

Served to rave reviews – Matcha Bliss Truffles. Wishing you a sweet Mother’s Day.


As always, enjoy. B

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