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Simple Strawberry Tiramisu

Simple Strawberry Tiramisu | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Strawberry season is finally upon us. The berries are beginning to show up at the roadside farm stands along the Central Coast. I always pull over and grab some berries, early season or not, they are still sweet. Simple Strawberry Tiramisu is my go-to for an easy, light true Little Jewel from the Kitchen.


Just as the berries burst on the scene, so does the California Strawberry Festival. 2024 is looking to be a better year for the berries. The festival is being held at the Ventura Country Fairgrounds. The festival is sponsored by major companies and best of all money raised is donated to charities.


This recipe was inspired from the great Chef Ottolenghi’s Strawberry Tiramisu Cake. Roasting the berries produces a sweet syrup to layer with the Ladyfingers. My changes included sizing down the recipe, making one 5×8 inch loaf. To further simplify, the filling consists of thick Greek yogurt lightened with whipped cream, vanilla and a shot of Grand Marnier. So good. I also used supermarket Ladyfingers, they are usually right next to the strawberries. All the ingredients are easy to find in local supermarkets.

Simple Strawberry Tiramisu |Bijouxs Little Jewels


Along with my classic Strawberry Shortcake that is from my From the Garden Cookbook.


Simple Strawberry Tiramisu | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Finally, there is a chance the rain will stop here and the sun will once again shine along this magic shore. Happy Spring to everyone.


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Small Batch Seedless Blackberry Cardamom Jam

Small Batch Seedless Blackberry Cardamom Jam | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Making an everyday jam is quick because they require no canning and take only about 30 minutes of your time. Enjoy Small Batch Seedless Blackberry Cardamom Jam No. 535 in the Recipe Collection.


This jam has just a few ingredients and is easy to create any day of the week. I love making these quick jams, my Strawberry Everyday Jam has been on repeat for years.
To branch out I adjusted a jam recipe from one of my favorite books Squirl Everything I Want to Eat. I discovered Jessica long ago at the Altadena Framers Market. She was just starting to sell her jams, they were fabulous, it was easy to predict her success.

Seedless Blackberry Cardamom Jam | Bijouxs Little Jewels


The Sqirl cookbook has recipes from the almost cult following at Sqirl restaurant and store in LA, very hip. When I moved back to LA after a short stint of living out of California, this was one of the first restaurants I made a beeline to. Creativity abounds at the restaurant. Do not pass on the toasts, or the daily quiche and of course pick up some jam.


This is a very small recipe, enough jam to just for a week. To achieve the silky smooth jam pictured, nothing more is required than patience and a little elbow grease. The berries have seeds and along with the cardamom seeds so sieving the jam takes a few minutes, but the product is very satisfying to create.Seedless Blackberry Cardamom Jam | Bijouxs Little Jewels


There are so many ways to enjoy this jam, however there is nothing quite like toast & jam. Thick slices of pullman baked Pan de Mie buttered and toasted are slathered with the brilliant ruby-hued jam. The smooth seed- free jam is worth the work. Enjoy Seedless Blackberry Cardamom Jam from the Bijouxs Recipe Collection. Follow me on Instagram to see what’s cooking in the Bijouxs Kitchen.


Seedless Blackberry Cardamom Jam | Bijouxs Little Jewels


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Anyday Buckwheat Scones

Anyday Buckwheat Scones-Bijouxs Little Jewels

It’s simple…bake a batch of Anyday Buckwheat Scones for tea or coffee time. Relaxing is a real Little Jewel, along with recipe No. 518 added to the Membership Collection.


I have my classic scone recipe on the website, but I take the path less traveled by including buckwheat flour. Buckwheat, in addition to creating a rustic brown scone, has a nutty-like flavor. The cream in the recipe keeps the scones moist.

Anyday Buckwheat Scones | Anyway Buckwheat Scones

Anyday Buckwheat Scones -Bijouxs Little Jewels

If you have not tried Buckwheat flour do. Despite the name, it not a wheat grain so it is naturally gluten free. I love these Buckwheat Pancakes and Chocolate Chunk Buckwheat Cookies, again a way to cook grain and gluten free.

Scones are often shunned for being of being ‘too dry”. True, many of the scones served out are really dry. These classic scones are adapted from the Art of Simple Food by my food hero Alice Waters. It’s the addition of cream to the batter that helps to create a tender scone.

The real key is to enjoy them warm out of the oven. Serve with Devonshire Cream or Raspberry Preserves, or both.

Anyday baking is a Little Jewel.