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Quick Berry Slab Pie

 Quick Berry Slab Pie

Oh my goodness, these days do call for pie and a cup of coffee. Rummaging around the kitchen I found a box of frozen puff pastry a few random fresh berries from the farmer’s market a week or two back. Ok, this will work – Quick Berry Slab Pie a simple little jewel.

 Quick Berry Slab Pie


Do with what you have. That lesson has been passed down from my Grandmother living during the Great Depression and my Mother with WW2 rations.  In fact, some of my favorite family recipes were born out of scarcity. We are so lucky living now, and to have not really gone without for many years.


Quick Berry Slab Pie

 Quick Berry Slab Pie


Puff pastry is a must for a freezer staple, so versatile in recipes. Since I was feeling tired, and under the mandate to stay home, I created this Quick Berry Slab Pie, a quick fix that satisfies that craving for pie with little effort.

I have used ready-made puff pastry for sweets such as French Fresh Grape Tart, Sweet and Simple Cherry Tart and savory recipes in Lemon Asparagus Tart, and my favorite Wild Mushroom Tart. All rely on sheets of defrosted puff pastry. A word, use the all butter puff pastry, such as Dufour brand. Many supermarkets are beginning to carry it. Also, just take the pastry out to defrost about 30 minutes before rolling it out. 

 Quick Berry Slab Pie


Baking times for the pie will vary. Have all the ingredients prepped, ready to go when the puff pastry has defrosted and is ready to roll. If it gets too soft, pop it back in the freezer for a few minutes. As you can see, my 40 year old oven in my new home does not bake evenly, burning spots even if I turn the pan. So, I lived with this imperfect pie, it still tasted wonderful. Here at Bijouxs it’s real life cooking in the kitchen, where I show with mishaps and wins.  Simple baking, always a little jewel.



As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Quick Berry Slab Pie

  1. Oh my this looks delicious and simple! Two things that work for me! I’m going to make this tonight. Thank you and stay safe.

    1. Hello Helen! Great to hear from you. Hope all is well back there, and yes we all need some pie. Stay safe.

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