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Instant Pot Green Chile with Pork

Instant Pot Green Chile with Pork |

Winter weather signals not only a change in temperature, but a change in our tastes in food. Now begins a season for craving warmth and comfort. I created an Instant Pot version of my New Mexico classic Green Chile with Pork to honor the fall season. Cooking seasonally is always a little jewel.


I spotted the roasted chiles at Whole Foods, with many of markets keeping them frozen from roasting. No worries if can’t find local frozen roasted, quality canned roasted chiles work just as well. Ortega or Hatch both sell fire whole roasted Hatch chilis in the can, available at most supermarkets. Opt for the mild.

In my first post about this simple chile, I review the roots of the recipe and how to work with chiles. Also, you may want to use food safe gloves, to keep the chile’s heat off your hands and of course away from your eyes.

Instant Pot Green Chile with Pork |Bijouxs Little Jewels


I have been developing and testing recipes for a friend who is following the Plant Paradox program. You may be have heard about the buzz about lectins, and avoiding sugar, grains etc. I am following along with the plan, actually enjoying it. I am finding many workarounds for recipes my friend enjoys. I will bring you the recipes as I refine them–some are adaptations of recipes from the blog, such as Green Chile with Pork.


The Instant Pot (pressure cooking) is a key cooking method for the Plant Paradox. Pressure cooking reduces the lectins in foods, such as beans, night shades and chiles. The Instant Pot really does cook everything in record time, worth the investment as a time saver in the kitchen.

My Green Chile with Pork recipe cooked on the stove top took about 2 hours for the pork and 3 hours with the cooked meat and chiles. The Instant Pot cut the cooking time down to 35 minutes. I started with cubed pork, with simplicity in mind for the recipe.

The Instant Pot removes most lectins from the chiles, making them Phase 3 compliant and the pork is fall apart tender.


This versatile dish makes a great bowl, served with a cilantro/onion chop and charred tortillas. It also make a nice burrito sauce and is wonderful over scrambled eggs for a morning Green Chile punch. Thicken to your liking with a simple roux of butter cooked with flour and stir into the soup to thicken. I like this Chile served on the thinner side, more like a soup.

Green Chile with Pork, from New Mexico to the Plant Paradox, shows the beauty of a little jewel recipe, versatile, simple and delicious.


As always, enjoy. B

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