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1-2-3 Potato Leek Soup

Bijouxs Little Jewels | 1-2-3 Potato Leek Soup

Smooth and creamy, with a soft focus on a simple soup. 1-2-3 Potato Leek Soup – a soup for the minimalist.

Is anything really simple? Well, truth be told all things require a bit of effort, cooking is no exception. Eating well, simply and beautifully is a goal in the Bijouxs Kitchen and this soup serves the purpose well.

I really am a minimalist. Take the simple black & white design of the Bijouxs website and it’s non-instrusive nature. No ads that pop up, none of that irrating marketing; come to my website and relax. The everday beauty of cooking has been a long held tenant, and I really believe you can achive this with a minimal, simple amount of effort.

Beauty is a minimal recipe with just a few items, that can create a creamy, soft delicately flavored soup in just minutes. Even more beautiful is you can also serve it chilled vichyssoise-style. I like it topped with freshly ground black pepper and dip in thinly sliced rustic bread.

Soft and simple – 1-2-3 Potato Leek Soup, a jewel for home.

As always, enjoy. B

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