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Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies

ust a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Well, just a few cookies are needed during this confinement. This smallish recipe makes about 5 of the most buttery chocolate chunk cookies, not to mention this is one bowl recipe. It’s ok, it’s Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen.


More good news, all of ingredients are available at Trader’s Joes, thank goodness for my pantry to raid when cookies were needed. The products I used were: TJ’s Organic Brown Sugar (it is a dark, rich brown) ; Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks (semi-sweet and very chunky); Cultured Salted Butter.

it’s Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies


I tend to favor big cookies, as you have probably noticed on the blog, so I like to use my trusty cookie scoop for even sized cookies. The #30 scoop is about 2 inches in diameter, yielding generous cookies. The recipe is basically 1/4 of the full classic Toll House recipe. with a few minor alterations such as reducing sugar and using all brown sugar. 5 cookies is just a tad over a few, but still safe to have in the house, not a full dozen.

Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Just a Few Chocolate Chunk Cookies

There is something comforting about classic recipes when times are challenging. Here at the Bijouxs Studio Kitchen, indeed many things have changed since I began the blog almost 10 years ago – wow!

I hope that the way in which I have designed my food website is not lost on those of you who follow along and new visitors as well. No annoying pop-ups, no scrolling forever to get to the recipe (printable recipe card right on the of each post) and of course my series of digital cookbooks, which I am proud to have created on all my lonesome. 

I still believe that cooking the Bijouxs Little Jewel recipes, is about bringing people together, extending comfort and savoring the everyday beauty all around us, right here in our kitchens.

As always, enjoy. B

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