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Bananas Foster Pudding

Bananas Foster Pudding is a simple 4-ingredient pudding that is a moist and rich banana affair. A great convertible dessert, it goes from light and healthy to a wicked good delight, that’s why I am bananas over this little kitchen jewel.

Whether entertaining at home or working as a personal chef, I love what I term convertible desserts – those that serve guests who may require lighter fare but also can be easily all dolled up to suit the tastes of addtional guests. For many years Bananas Foster Pudding has been my little jewel.

This easy pudding’s ingredients are reminiscent of traditional Bananas Foster, but lean to the healthy side with fresh bananas, whole-wheat flour, organic maple sugar and egg whites, producing a delicate, very moist pudding, perfect as is.

Of course, there may be the occasions you may want to lavish on additional flavors and go for broke. If so, add a scoop of vanilla gelato, a drizzle of rum butterscotch sauce (add a dash of rum to your favorite butterscotch sauce) and a dusting of cinnamon. This recipe also converts for a more formal service, with the pudding removed from the custard cups and plated in a pool of crème anglaise (melted vanilla ice cream can stand in) with a dusting of praline powder (candied pecans in the food processor can work). Children also enjoy this soft bowl of sweet bananas.

Bijouxs Little Kitchen Jewels and Bananas Foster Pudding simple, fresh classics from my kitchen to yours.

As always, enjoy. B

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  1. Wow, so simple yet elegant! This is a keeper!

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