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Scalloped Pineapple

Scalloped Pineapple | Bijouxs Little Jewels

The Beach House, a place to unwind and everyone to kickback. Simple in the kitchen with this classic Scalloped Pineapple-just 5 ingredients, all at the supermarket-Volume No. 3 The Beach House cookbook preview.
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July 12, 2019
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Fig, Currant & Cognac Pudding


Fig, Currant & Cognac Pudding , a long title for an easy recipe. It is simply a pudding of baked crepe batter filled with Cognac soaked figs and currants. Yes, bring me some figgy pudding, and bring it right here! Sharing a little French gem from the collection for your holiday table.
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December 22, 2013
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Meyer Lemon Pudding with Blueberries

The comfort of food. A childhood gem gets a little polish at Bijouxs – Meyer Lemon Pudding with Blueberries – light and fluffy, an everyday little jewel for Spring.
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March 17, 2013
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Bananas Foster Pudding

Bananas Foster Pudding is a simple 4-ingredient pudding that is a moist and rich banana affair. A great convertible dessert, it goes from light and healthy to a wicked good delight, that’s why I am bananas over this little kitchen jewel.
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July 15, 2012
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Meyer Lemon Bread Pudding

Welcome a new little jewel in the family – Meyer Lemon Bread Pudding – the newest little kitchen gem. Sunny bright lemon joins with the creamy classic comfort of bread pudding. Swaddled in a kitchen towel, the newest Bijouxs makes an appearance.
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April 15, 2012