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Bijouxs Bits: Spring Garlic

Welcome our new addition, Bijouxs Bits – produce, pantry items, kitchen equipment and places; more little jewels, but just little bits.

First Bijouxs Bit – Spring Garlic, these young, sweet, and frankly immature heads of garlic are only available for a few more weeks at local farmer’s markets, catch them now.

Spring garlic, also known as green garlic, may be used as you would any garlic or leek in recipes, however, due to their precious nature, I keep it simple to experience the sweet, innocent flavor.

My simple take is to trim the roots and tops off the cloves (save the tops to add to recipes as you would scallions or leeks), and peel off any thin papery skins to reveal the pure white bulb. Place the garlic in a small ovenproof dish (like a ramekin) top each clove with a pat of butter, generous grinds of salt and pepper, tuck in some fresh herbs, such as thyme, cover lightly with foil and bake at 300° for about 2 hours.

Spread the roasted spring garlic on warm slices of crusty sourdough bread along with chèvre cheese and a sprinkle of fresh herbs; a little bit of heaven, spring garlic.

More Bijouxs Bits coming your way soon.




As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Bijouxs Bits: Spring Garlic

  1. This is delicious. Ang and I made it on a Friday night, spread it on crostini with Laura Chenel chevre and enjoyed it with a Paso Viognier on our front porch. We were the envy of the neighborhood.

    1. Hi Jen and Ang – So happy you enjoyed the first little Bijouxs Bit. Thank you for sharing with us a perfect wine pairing!

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