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Chocolate Chunk Pie

Bijouxs | Little Kitchen Jewels Chocolate Chunk Pie

Who wouldn’t love a chunky chocolate pie that tastes like your favorite cookie? Chocolate Chunk Pie is family-friendly, an easy bake that welcomes kids in the kitchen to help celebrate any special day.

Here’s a sweet treat that is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day for anyone, and simple enough so the kids can make Mom and Dad delicious celebratory sweet.

Cooking alongside kids, with my son, neighbors and friends, has always been a part of the Bijouxs kitchen.  This simple pie is one that is fun to bake with children. They take great pleasure in the final plating, adding scoops of ice cream (pre-scoop ice cream and freeze), swirls of hot fudge and sprinkles of candied pecans to their culinary creation.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day – a little jewel of a day.

P.S. This recipe is from my cookbook Volume 1. Family & Friends, available here on the website.

As always, enjoy. B

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