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Donald’s Irish Bread

A little more Love & Luck from Bijouxs for 2012 on this Saint Patrick’s Day with Donald’s Irish Bread. The simply classic Irish one-bowl bread studded with plump raisins and caraway seeds sports a rustic flour and sugar crust – a little gem to add to your recipe collection.

Given my family surname, it is certainly probable that there is some Irish blood in my lineage and if not St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is easy to embrace for its signature dishes. I can’t imagine this day without a pot of corned beef & cabbage simmering on the stove and the smell of Donald’s Irish Bread baking in the oven.

This beautiful Irish recipe was shared with me years ago by Donald, a wonderfully funny friend from design school days and decades later this bread is still the most requested recipe in the Bijouxs kitchen for March 17th.  This quick bread is not leavened with baking soda instead with baking powder, which we know from our cooking chemistry aligns well with non-acidic liquids like milk.  This is a moist quick bread with raisins, caraway seeds and the signature flour and sugar crust, always best when consumed warm from the oven and then next day thin slices are delightful toasted.

This recipe makes two loaves (because one is never enough) and is easily fashioned using basic pantry staples. The bread can be made with all white flour or a combination of white and whole wheat. (Using all white flour will create the more tender bread). A rustic signature crust is simply created with a combination of flour and some coarse sugar.

Here’s to Love & Luck in 2012 – Donald’s Irish Bread – another little jewel from my kitchen to yours. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As always, enjoy. B

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